Marula is an organisation comprised of therapists who are also qualified social workers and social care workers.  We offer individual therapy, group work and bespoke pieces of Life Story Work, with expertise pertaining to children in long term foster care, children being placed for adoption, children in kinship care or special guardianship placements, children in transition for other reasons or who have experienced a traumatic, life changing event e.g. the loss of a parent/carer, and for children at home with their families but who are vulnerable or in need of support.


At Marula our core task is to work with narrative and transition, through acknowledging history, separation and loss.  To provide a space and a language for children to think and speak about these experiences.  The hope is that through this work children can be the narrators of their own stories, recognise the triggers and emotions which may disrupt their healthy development, and ultimately not be controlled by the difficulties in their past and present, but alert to them and have some choice over how they affect their ongoing stories.


Separation and loss are part of life from birth to death for us all.  Using therapeutic and social work techniques, as well as the power of the group and peer support, Marula hopes to work with children to acknowledge and accept their stories and losses, have permission to grieve, and find a place for them in their ongoing self identity and family identity.


Our Mission

It's a simple one - good mental health for children, through providing support and understanding about separations and transitions.

Our Team

Gemma Bond

BScEcon, MSc

BACP Accredited/HCPC Registered

Gemma is a qualified Psychodynamic Counsellor for Children and Adolescents. Gemma has over a decade of experience as a therapist and social worker, working within Local Authority departments for children in care, children in need and children subject to child protection plans.  Gemma has experience as a Family Court Advisor and Children's Guardian. 


Gemma is committed to supporting good children's mental health by working therapeutically, but with social work experience, with children managing anxiety, low self-esteem, parental separation and family dysfunction, as well as children in care and/or who are managing experiences of trauma, separation and loss; she is based in West Sussex.

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Julia Miller

MSc/HCPC Registered

Julia is a qualified social worker from Australia who trained at the University of Melbourne.  She has over a decade of experience working as a social worker and a therapist.  Julia has an undergraduate degree in psychology and post-graduate qualifications in developmental psychiatry and family and systemic therapy. Julia has extensive experience in clinical and non-clinical mental health settings with individuals across the spectrum of age and stages of life,  and in children's social care including child protection work.  Julia is also a qualified Dru Yoga teacher.


Julia's passion is supporting children, adolescents and their families to overcome difficulties such as early life trauma or adversity, attachment issues, mental health difficulties, parenting challenges and troublesome family relational and communication patterns. Julia is dedicated to helping people build authentic personal narratives that reflect their strengths and appropriately honour and process adversity. She is based in Kent.