What we can offer

Therapeutic Services:
Individual and Group work

Individual psychotherapeutic counselling for children and adolescents managing emotional difficulties e.g. anxiety, poor self-esteem, depression, parental separation or trauma.

Group work programmes for children in transition,with experience of being Looked After.

Therapeutic Life Story Work

Bespoke pieces of therapeutic Life Story Work for children being placed for adoption, children in long term foster care, in Kinship care and Special Guardianship placements, and children in transition for other reasons, or who have experienced a traumatic, life changing event.

Consultancy and support for professionals and carers

Consultancy for social workers, adopters and carers about Life Story work through the life cycle as children grow; consultancy around transitions e.g. preparation for moves; consultancy around planning activities and events to mark, grieve, process and move forward from major life events for children.

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